I've been a bad, bad blogger, and here's the reason why; during my stay at the cabbin I made a new tumblr, www.petitepasserine.tumblr.com, and instead of focusing on my art, like my other tumblr, this one is all about fashion, shopping, makeup and so on, aswell as a bit of my daily life; basically what this blog is about. I guess I sort of started blogging a bit there instead of here, leaving my inspiration for this blog to rot. And I'm truly sorry, friends! It's just that tumblr is so very simple, fun and it's much more motivating seeing as it's easier to leave response, too. So feel free to check my tumblr out! ; w ;


(jeg m bare beklage for ha vrt en drlig blogger; mens jeg var p hytta laget jeg en ny tumblr, og istedenfor fokusere p tegningene mine, som min andre tumblr gjr, fokuserer denne p innkjp, mote og klr, skjnnhet og ogs litt av dagliglivet mitt. tumblr er bare s enkelt og mye mer motiverende da man enklere fr beskjed om at folk faktisk har interesse av det du, uhhm, driver med, da. S vr s snill og ta en tur! followers er kjempekule. <3)


We went to Tnsberg today (oldest city in Norway!) and did a bit of shopping. I was a bit dissapointed over only finding a pair of cute socks and this cute shirt from Cubus when we passed a accessories-shop we hadn't noticed earlier - and it was so good. Frills and bows everywhere, cupcakes and carousels, birdcages and air-balloons! I was having such a hard time deciding what to buy when I finally decided in this air-balloon, a pearl-bracelet and a little bunny with a rose. So cute! ; A ;

What have you been up to, friend?

red and green.

Still hanging around at my cabbin. We've literally done nothing than sleep, eat delicious food and read, aswell as starting to watch supernatural. It's such a good show! I didn't know it was about mythological creatures, cryptozoology and, well, supernatural things. I thought it would just be a few hauntings and stuff, haha, oh well! ; w ;

How is your holiday going, friend?

at the cabbin.

I am now at my cabbin with my girlfriend and my parents! We arrived yesterday (and so did the skirts me and my girlfriend ordered from Innocent World!) and everything is quite nice and dandy. I'm usually not exited for going to my cabbin, but now that my girlfriend (who's lying in our bed being all fat and all (kidding, she said that)) is here, everything is alright, haha. And we brought Ghost, to! Cutest little furball.

Our breakfast today - buns with cream and freshly picked wild strawberries. Sooo good.

The beach certainly isn't of Gran Canaria-quality, but it's very cozy! Especially with all the baby-crabs and all.

I'm just hoping the weather will get proper good and that I haven't brought my bikinis in vain, haha! Oh well. So, how are you doing, friends? Enjoying your holiday? ; w ;

inspiration eleven.

Gods Great Dust Storm

I've been waiting for ages for this, along with Lady Marlene, to be released in Studio Version and only now I found out it was on youtube several months ago. Haha, good job! Goooood jooob.

Shivers down my spine. So good. I'm sorry I've been blogging so very little, friends, but it's summer and I'm really just drawing and gaming and wasting my life along with my cat. But! Saturday we're leaving for my cabbin, and me and my girlfriend will eat strawberries by the beach while reading books and bathing and it will be gorgeous. I'll bring my computer and camera, so I'll be blogging, too! Haha. ; w ;

let it slide.

DESUCON 2012 part 2 - The Event

And here are the pictures from Desucon itself! Ah, I had such a great time, I met so many cool people, and me and my girlfriend did some hanging around with the people from the meetup, too. There were so many great and nicecosplayers and I'm definitely going back there. But first - Coscon this fall, where me and my girlfriend are probably going to twin in Lolita. But lets move on to the pictures, haha. ; w ; Me and my girlfriend were cosplaying Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie from My little pony: Friendship is magic. Fun fun fun!

Day one and day two. Man, I look a bit displeased at the second picture, oopsss.

Viserys Targaryen and meeee oh gosh oh lord I was squealing all day because of this great cosplayer. ; A ; so good. So pretty.

Daenerys Targaryen! So pretty.

Heidi and Lotti (bonnibells@blogspot) cosplaying from Durrarararuarauruaraar.

Sylvia as LOKIII. ; w ;

Tha gang, haha. Oda getting censored by Susann, Julie/Teto, Theodora, Stian and my girlfriend. Such a fun gang! ;w ;

Ahh, man, I'm actually missing it, haha. ; A ; Can't wait to go there again. I also med Runa, Tora, Mona, Lena, other Tora and several other supersweet people! Awwwdaww.

What do you think of our cosplays, friends? ; w ; haha.

DESUCON 2012 PART 1: J-Fashion

So I'm finally home after spending quite a whole over in Oslo, at my girlfriends place. This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, we spent every breathing hour being japantards and whatnot - and it was awesome! The first day, Friday, was spent on a tiny J-Fashion meetup with someone from J-Fash Norway. We weren't many but we had a great time. So much fun! ; w ; <3


Gurlfrand is the swaggest. <3

Hahaha aww, Ronja, Susann and Miriam. ; w ;

Sylvia and Susann! ; o ;

Miriam, Edward, me, Susann and Ronja. Such a fun gang haha. <3

I'll blog about Desucon itself tomorrow, I'm a bit tired right now, haha. ; o ;


The contest I'm hosting over at dA has begun, Desucon is coming up and I'm all set with my Fluttershy-cosplay. I've also started watching the walking dead - I'm at season 2, episode 9 right now and it is bone-shivering and gut-thrilling. So good, and so dramatic. And of course I fell for Daryl. My fangirl tendencies has been showing a lot lately. First Loki, then Sandor, then Daryl. It's a thug life, haha. ; A ;

Tested out how I'm doing my makeup for Desucon, as Fluttershy. I also managed to let my grey pair of circle lenses dry out - curse me, haha. I'll probably be buying some new ones soon, and I've been wondering if I should get a green or hazel pair. Hmmhh. Also, schools out on friday, and right after school I'll be going directly to Oslo for a J-Fashion meetup. Then Saturday and Sunday will be spent conning, and then, well, I'll probably stay in Oslo for a while, so I might just not be able to blog about it all before.... a while after, haha. ; w ;

Have you ever been to a con, friend?

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