the day winter arrived.

So the snow finally decided it was about time to pay us a little visit; and just over the night the entire landscape turned into a brilliant white! Me and Bettina decided to greet the winter by running out in the cold, jumping around in the dazzling snowflakes like some drunken midgets, and then proceed to embrace the ground because, suddenly, everything turned slippery and wonderful. So my sheer-striped stockings got brown and muddy but I'm perfectly fine with that. Later on, still an excited, raving lunatic, I managed to accidentally run her down in the hallways.
Oh, the wonderous winter!

Betni managed to get to her feet pretty quickly. Me, on the other hand;

What, falling, me? No, I'm always down here, casually sitting in a pile of leaves and fresh snow.

After I so elegantly ran her down. I was literally choking with laughter, hence the blurriness.

And then it was time to make a SNOWBALL.

The most irresistable ball of snow ever. Everyone had to lay their hands upon the wonders and the magic of the little ball of dirty and ice and water and mud.

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08.des.2011 kl.16:47

Seriously, I can't help it, all these tears. OTL okay so I didn't really cry but omgggg why the fuq is there snow outside anyway. ; ____ ; aaa winter sucks so hard but let's just ignore that. YOU GUYS ARE CUTE BY THE WAY.

Pirates of The Mao'ebbean.

09.des.2011 kl.19:47


Hell was freezing over when we went to kiwi ___twice___ in a damn snow storm that ..killed me. I be a living dead since that night. _

Anyways, hahah, funn though. Fun to mess around in the snow, but I still kind of hate that it is so cold!


11.des.2011 kl.21:54

Snow is always great! :D

But, oh, ahhaha so cute cx <3

And those stockings, I just.. *drool* <33


12.des.2011 kl.08:41

Haha, seems people have tons of different opinions. I honestly prefer sumer myself. ; o ; Also, thank you, Tora! <3

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