falsies and gingerkitties.

I decided to give the sweets santa gave me a try when I suddenly remembered how a little songbird told me I hadn't blogged in a week. Oops. I'm truly sorry - sometimes I forget, haha. ; o ;

I was bored one night, so I decided that I should sit down and watch some makeup tutorials by Michelle Phan. The urges were too great and soon I found myself in front of the mirror, gluing false eyelashes to my eyelids - after my first try with falsies I totally neglected them and swore never to touch them again. This time, however, I managed to get them in place at once - strange how that works. Surely you beautyaddictkitties can see all the wrongs but come on, friend, it was my first real try, after all!;

I find myself wanting more false lashes already. ; o ;~ <3We've also started working with stylization at school, and seeing as it's christmas-time, the teachers decided that we should use our shapes to make gingerbreadmen. Or gingerbread dinosaurs and kittycats - whatever your heart desires, friend.

Funny how the cat I used as a reference is a Somali, and that the gingerkitties ended up having sorta Somali-like patterns where they got a bit burnt. The ovens were no good, though - some of my cats turned into Somali-kittens, while others were all persian, soft and so ruined that tails fell of and in the end they split in half. I swore tears were forming in my eyes, friend.


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19.des.2011 kl.17:27

I REMEMBER THOSE KITTIES even though I just saw pictures of them earlier, haha. Poor kitties. u___u

and you look absolutely adorable with those falsies ; __ ; man, I wish I didn't fail so hard at it. False lashes and me just seem to clash really bad. Gotta practice some more, I guess. Or you could teach me. <3


19.des.2011 kl.20:22

BEAUTYADDICTS- we is it 8) !

sometimes, when I am going to do something importaint, I just rush into the bathroom and just decides to see in the mirror quickly how I look- I end up staring at my face for.. 10 mins! hAhahah xD And then I forget hva det var jeg egentlig skulle gjre som var s viktig- Strange thing.

Aaanyways- U suited those lashes- oh my! Everybody uses them falsies these days, I feel like such an outsider :U But I have really long lashes, and they appear even longer when I apply mascara- like... false-lashies-long! LOL, it's freaky xD But I don't dare using falsies (because I would either fail or fearing they would fall off and I would look makeup-less) .. SO MUCH TO FEAR. SO MANY worries, life is though, man.

And this is long.



19.des.2011 kl.21:39

Edward: Aww darling I'm sure you'd look dashing with falsies so I'd gladly help you apply them! <3 I realized that the mistake I didn't see last time was that I simply used too much glue, so it didn't dry at all and everything was sad and horrible.

Mao: Hahah, I hear I've got quite the lashes myself and I _did agree to it until I tried my falsies again. Now they seem like such short stumps, I don't even! I totally get your fear, though, friend. ; o ; I'm a bit afraid of ripping off some lashes in the process of removing the falsies.


20.des.2011 kl.11:05

I'm a gingerkitty... righhhh?? :B

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