Hoods and Panties

My hoodiescarf brings all the girls to the yard, and they're like, oh my god can we try using the pockets as more hoods instead. Uhm. Oh, hello, friend! Today we celebrated last day of school before Christmas by cleaning our classroom, and then we watched our teachers play floorball with the second grade. Teachers won, but ofcourse, we were too busy toying with the pockets of my scarf to really pay much attention.

After school we walked down to Ski where me and Marte had lunch at McDonalds, and we even met some old classmates of ours! ; o ; <3 Afterwards me and Marte got back to the giftshopping (well, her giftshopping), but ofcourse, despite it being Christmas and all, I ended up finding some goodies for myself, too;

Panties and socks from Lindex, band-aids from a bookshop and huge lovely ribbon from Indiska. I'm so much in love as always.

- Finished with school for Christmas, friend? Please do tell me about your day! <3

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21.des.2011 kl.18:22

what a beautiful picture, mra!! merry christmas<3


21.des.2011 kl.18:51

Betni: Merry Christmas my bru! ; o ; <3


21.des.2011 kl.21:41

Merry christmas, Mrilf, nudge nudge 8)

(Ahahah bad humor)

The things looked certainly just lovely, you!~

And yess finished with school. It was kinda..fun walking around the tree ahahah, lol huffing and puffing. 200 students around a little tree? ... it kinda smells "fail" all over it. But fun. <3

Merry c mas! <3


21.des.2011 kl.21:57

Mao: Aww, Merry christmas, Mao. <3 Hahaha oh man, we used to walk around the tree during the last day too. No more, though. ):

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