outfit for the eves.

I got myself all dolled up in frills and my lovely dress from Camden and I'm pretty excited for the evening by now. As I woke up I felt really ill at hearth, there was no positivity at all and It just didn't feel like Christmas. I was quite depressed, to be honest, but then I put my mind together, texted my baby and got up, and I'm feeling a lot better now. My friend Marte also came for a visit to deliver a present; Jack decided to spare me the suffering that is to unwrap the present, by mauling the paper and spoiling the surprise.

Thansk anyway, Marte! I only saw the wallet, though, so I'll still be unwrapping it fully when the time is in, hohoo ; o ; ~

Goodness me and oh my goddess I look like an alien!

What I orignally tried to get a photo of; All the decorations on my dress, teehee. ; w ;

I also decided to wear my falsies today! Also, you may or may not notice that my mouth is, indeed, a bit odd and skewed. It's thanks to my braces, hopefully my jaw will grow back in time, but luckily, the 'deformity' really isn't that visible. I'm sorry for the crappy outfit-shots; if there is one thing I truly suck at... well, this is it. Maybe I'll get some better pictures later. Until then; Merry Christmas, Friend! <3

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24.des.2011 kl.15:08

Du er ulovlig st, vet du? Kjresten din er veldig heldig :3

Ogs kler du jo hvitt veldig godt da, god jul<3


24.des.2011 kl.15:10

Vegard: Awww god jul, Vergers. <3 ahahah jeg er heldig som har henne ogs daa. ; o ; <33 tusen takk!

L o t t i ✩

24.des.2011 kl.15:17

God jul!<3

faen du er pen! *___* unnskyld sprket.


24.des.2011 kl.16:28

Lotti: awww man tusen takk! ; w ; haha god juuul ja. <3


25.des.2011 kl.23:32

MGG ur eyes man, they just eat me aliveee, so niceeee faint, and with fail-free skin, oh my. *o* <3

Dat long hair man, no split ends- nydli. :F

Tok litt av lengden min med kjkkensaksa jeg, - coz dats how we do it in texas. :F


26.des.2011 kl.00:20

Mao: Ahahahah aww thank youu Mao-bru. <3 haha how very very clever ; o ;

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