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Friend, oh gosh, I am awake at this hour because I just had to snap some photos of some of the presents I got and I'm shaking out of sheer excitement, ahah. As I mentioned the day started out pretty crappy but it ended awesome. Just, oh, friend, look; I got St. Trinians 1 and 2 (or, uhm,''kick ass girls'' 1 and 2 haha), REPO! The Genetic Opera official soundtrack OHMYGOSH ; O ; <3 Blonde Redhead - 23 and Blonde Redhead - Misery is a butterfly gosh darn me. <3 I'm so happycat, hahaha. Better yet; REPO! The Genetic Opera, the movie itself, is on it's way! Oh baby we're going to watch it again and again and again.

I also got some cardigans because I've been borrowing my GF's every now and then (what, they smell good ; w ;) And I really wanted some, anyway. They're super-cute. And here's some of the stuff my friends gave me;

From Iben , some super-cute earrings! She also gave me the most awesome card aswell and I almost died of laughter as a chibi-Skrillex fell out with SWAG. Hahaha. Thank you. <3

From, ahah, actually these are from Edward's family but oh gosh they we're too adorable I just ohhh. I love them. Thank you! <3

From Dona! It's a bird and therefore it's so me. It seems a whole lot of people got the pattern straight 'cause I sure got a lot of birds this year, haha. Thank you! <3

From Marte; This is the present my dear beast Jack unwrapped before we even considered getting to the present. But thank you so much it's the one I wanted bru, hahaha. <3

From Pooky I got some lovely-scented lipbalm aswell as some shower-things, but I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom to snap a picture. Thank you so much! <3

And from Bettina I got some super-adorbs tissues that totally match my band-aids, aswell as some earrings! And, well, thing is I actually got the same pair from Edward but that's just perfect because it says that you've got the same interpretation of my style, an interpretation that is 100% correct! They're supercute and thank you so much! <3

And ohh, from my baby darling Edward I got so many lovely things I just couldn't get a picture of it all. I got these adorable stockings, some super-cute kitty-stickers I'm going to place all over my computer, aswell as a whole lot of makeup (thankyouthankyouthankyou the powder is so great and the lipstick too) and well, the earrings and ohh just. Thank you baby I love you and I'm glad you liked your gift aswell! <3

I also got, uhm, a 'fake' birdcage! I really wanted one for decoration and it's white and oh so lovely. I also got quite a lot of stockings, some new duvet covers, and some styling-products for my hair because I really really wanted some. Aaahhh this Christmas was awesome and thank you all! <3

-Friend! How was your Christmas?

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25.des.2011 kl.12:19

God jul, Mariell ^^


25.des.2011 kl.12:27

Priesta; Teehee, god jul! ; o ;


25.des.2011 kl.12:58

Awww man, I'm so happy you liked your gift, eee. ; u ; <3 And hahaha, wow, Bettinaaa, you clever girl. Well, at least you have a spare pair then. * 7 * but really, I'm so so so happy you liked it and needless to say, I loved your gift so much aaaa those pink and white-striped stockings are so totally going to be included in that Pinkie cosplay and yeah it was just really lovely. ; A ; <3



I laughed.


25.des.2011 kl.13:24

Edward: Aww baby I love it so much. ; w ; <3 Aww now you only need to order the wig and WE'RE READY FOR DESUCOOON teehee <3


25.des.2011 kl.23:29

..S....S...ST. TRINIANS?!??!?!?+++0ONEelleven.

I loooove that movie so much, hahaha, it is so sick and awesome with those twisted school girls. GAD I envy you for having the disk of dat film, ma'am. *o*

"We're the beest, so screew the rest, we're the girls of St. Trinians~" My theme song haha lol jk, but awesome!

Lovely presents <3

My christmas was so funny, with the sinkring and lights going _all_ the time, and that fire-alarm which started all the time as well, and my grannie went all cursing and laughing- HAHAHAH. Omg I rofled. and the presents I got were also nice as well :') jolly c mas ~


25.des.2011 kl.23:43

Mao: Both dem movies, gurl, BOTH DEM MOVIES hahaha seriously I've watched them so many times but it feels awesome having, you know, the DVD at hand. <33 Glad to hear you had a jolly good Christmas, too! ; o ;

Juliet Elliot ; u ;

08.jan.2012 kl.22:26

Haahah, jeg dro p neo tokyo for kjpe de lyseble strmpene, men de var utsolgt, OG N VET JEG HVEM SOM KJPTE DE. omg, neida kdda med det siste. c:


09.jan.2012 kl.16:49

Juliet Elliot: hahaha awww! Fr hpe de fr dem inn igjen, da. <3

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