mint wipes.

Whenever Perching suddenly goes into a halt, you kinda just know it's because Edward's in town and the days are filled with Mirai Nikki, My little pony and, oh, friend; I even made her try Minecraft. She went from spiteful to excited as we built a fortress of doom, death and destruction, as she would have it. Fun fun fun. ; o ; <3

Yesterdays dinner, delicious chicken and n00dels haha. <3

What time is it? Minecraft-time!

cutest wipes ever, ok

- So, friend! Enjoying your holiday, too?

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30.des.2011 kl.00:47

what creation in minecraft, are you most proud of? (picture?)


30.des.2011 kl.17:07

Anon; Ahah, honestly, I never made anything too impressive. ; o ; I might just post a picture of my first house though haha


30.des.2011 kl.19:04

Lovely picture, <3 and ahhh mahh gadd- You won't believe how lazy I am in this holiday, All I'm sayin is; gimme more candy and food plz, moma. :U Hahah jk

31.des.2011 kl.00:52

Mao: Ahahah yeahh. I mean it's holiday who cares about being not lazy ; o ;

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