circle lenses.

Teehee, now me and muh babuh got around to order some supersweet circle lenses from Thedollyeye! ; o ; I'm so excited for them to arrive, hahaha. I didn't just buy them for casual use, though; Me and Edward are planning on cosplaying as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony; Friendship is magic at the next desucon, so we got our hands on these;

aaaa so much cute. We both bought the blue ones for the cosplay, while I got the grey lenses and she got the green ones. Originally we were going to get the grey for the both of us, but then they didn't have her prescription, so she bought the green ones instead. And they're totally adorbs too. ; w ; <3 She also got the Fluttershy-wig in the mail recently! Can't wait to try it on. I've never ever cosplayed before though so it'll be extra fun.

- Whats your opinion on circle lenses, friend?

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30.des.2011 kl.22:23

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT I CAN'T EVEN-- ; _____ ; aaaa it will be so great and spectacular and eep. I'm totally looking forward to it. ; 7 ; and the cosplaying will be so much fun and I'm sure you will be an absolutely adorable Fluttershy. u___u <3 Hopefully the lenses will arrive soon so that you'll be able to try on the wig and the lenses and awww I'm sooo looking forward to it sob all this excitement I just.

30.des.2011 kl.22:29

Edward: hahaha aww it'd be great if they could just, well, arrive before I pay a visit at Friday. ; o ; and youuu gotta order that hot pink wig too and then there will be bronies


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