You know what by body is ready for, friend? Falling asleep on the floor amidst dust and old kitten-fur, messy hair all over the place with my thoughts and dreamsresting on a pillow of white and feathers. Window open, the scent of spring dancing among the old memory-filled air.

Humming Elephant Woman in the sun, my daydreams dancing with the breeze, twisting love-scented coltsfoot around my fingers, dead grass against my skin. Vanilla perfume at the collar and the wrists, watchers unseen purring.

Ever-watching as the watchers and twisting as the coltsfoot myself, turning and sharpening the ear upon the slightest hint of recognition. The scent of the lining, sharp and sweet.

Spring, friend, is what I am awaiting. Love. Vanilla-scented collars and wrists, bloomers and stockings, barefeet running around in the street. Cold water of the forest between my toes, oh, friend;

You know spring should return when Mra is getting nostalgic. Winter, please go.

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31.des.2011 kl.02:55

Fine bilde!! :)

31.des.2011 kl.15:11

Tittey; Tusen takk! <3

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