new years outfit.

Last day of 2011. Oh my gosh darned goddess, goodness me, 2012 is soon upon us. At first I was like, oh my, I really have to dress up for this! Then my parents said they had no intentions of dressing up too fancy seeing as it would only be us three. Then I was like well damn at least I'll be lazy with style, so I got my pink shorts on. Then suddenly we were going a bit fancy after all. So, uhm.... haha heres what I'm wearing the last day of 2011;

I love this skirt aaaa. Happy new year to you all, friends! <3

- how are you planning on celebrating your last day of 2011?

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31.des.2011 kl.19:44

OMG u looks so beautiful, and the second picture looked so lovely as well! :D <3

Happy New Year's eve!!

31.des.2011 kl.20:10

Mao: Aww hahah thank you so much! <33

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