hit by the new year

literally. I entered the year of 2012 by getting hit by the fireworks. Everything was going nice and dandy and as always I was feelinga bit nervous because of all the noises. We had a huge multishot, you know, the ones who you really can't control because you don't hold them down by some sort of weight seeing as it's just a block of fireworks. It's supposed to be pretty safe. However, after the fourth firework was released, everything just exploded in a horrorsome flash of sparks and greens. The multishot had tipped over and was now facing me.

It all went so fast nobody really had any chance to realize what was going on, but I know one thing for sure; I was all in raw panic as I felt a rather gruesome pain in my right leg, and then my left one shortly afterwards. I jumped down from the garden and I don't really remember what happened as I was too busy not breathing and sobbing my throat dry. I'm the person who overreacts and panics easilyand when I think aboutthe whole scenariothe air gets stuck in my lungs, ahahha. I'm a bit traumatized, to be honest. Luckily, though, what hit me was the end of the fireworks; It would have been much worse if it tipped over at the very beginning.

ugh silly lightning making it hard to see too much.

We got inside and I got some cold cream for my legs after we had checked it wasn't anything too serious. Luckily my leg is alive and well, but I've got the biggest bruise I've ever seen on my own body andit just keeps getting worse. uwu'One would have thought I had been drinking the whole evening judging from the way I'm walking, I'm just like a zombie or something. I also started bleeding lightly from my right leg; I don't feel any pain in my left leg what so ever, while my right leg really is such a huge pain right now. It feels like I simply can't place it anywhere, it hurts like hell when I stretch it or curl it too much in and it looks like I've been playing football my entire life. Uh. Football with one leg. It's stiff as a log or something though BLUH. But it'll get better. Luckily, though, the cats were inside and our dog didn't get hit. And ofcourse, it wasn't anybodys fault either, just a bit unstable fireworks we got this year.

me and my mom, before the real thing haha.

We're probably just keep a bit away from the fireworks for some years now, though. Atleast I will. I'll rather just sit in the window with my cat and watch because there's just no way I'm going out there again ahaha. But apart from that rather unlucky moment, the evening was great. It was just me and my mom and dad and our dog and our two cats haha ; o ; be had steak and potates and watched a movie yayyy.

I hope you had a lovely ending of 2011, I'm sure never to forget mine hahaha <3

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06.jan.2012 kl.23:38

AW shi- AUCH and YIKES, yes u told about that! Omg that sounded real dangerous. I've read so much about ppl getting hurt and be aware of fireworks in the papers, and then it turned out you had been hit ! That is terrible! Affffuu those ppl who makes firework should... make them better.

Firework are like succubuses .. nice to look at but dangerous. ... kidna (lol I had to put in some kind of wise-sounding metafor) But yeah. De burde lage de fyrverka bedre. |:<

..Aaanyways- Ahhfff, I hope your leg heals fast Mra! o: <3


06.jan.2012 kl.23:38

...Nei wait what- Jeg mente fyrverkeriene* ikke "fyrverka" ahah x)

08.jan.2012 kl.21:22

Mao: de pokkers fyrverka skada den pokkers fotn min !! haha tusen takk, Mao. Alt blodet har n havnet ved ankelen min som er helt lilla, men det gr greit n. ; o ;

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