wigs and snow.

Hello, chaps.

This weekend I finally visited my baby again and the first thing we did as we got inside was to put all my hair inside a wig-cap and place some wigs upon my head. Because, you know, wigs are cool. I was so so excited for the Fluttershy one, seeing as it's the one I'm going to use for Desucon. And here it is;

Aaahaha it's so pretty and long and pink and lovely. And the bangs were in my face all the time, so I'll be wearing something for that at Desucon. Aaa I'm so excited. On Saturday we went out for some shopping and it was lots and lots of fun, and a bit stressy seeing as we were going to celebrate Serbian Christmas that evening, which was super cool. I'm going to show you what I bought tomorrow, hoho.

And then there was delicious food, hooho. <33 So, friends! How did you spend your weekend?

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09.jan.2012 kl.19:24

My weekend was all about being ill and... then joking around at chatroulette with a chap (actually lolz) bahahahah lol at me.

-And bahahah, rare sight seeing you with that light hair, haha oh my you just look _so_ cute!

BUT ANd; you rrrrrreaally suited the pink one, hahaha, you actually really did Mra! You so fabulous n shiz, man~ Looking goooooood. 8-)


09.jan.2012 kl.21:47

Mao: hahaha aww I hope you're feeling better. ; o ; mannn I really liked the pink one myself, hohoo. <3 thank youu ; o ;

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