just like a butterfly.

What I bought on Saturday when I was out shopping with my baby Edward;

Two adorable pairs of socks, aswell as a super-cute little hat; last time I wore those was in ninth grade, haha.

Some earstuds and two rings. I've been drooling over the bird for so long and I finally got my paws on it. I can't stop admiring it.

And two adorbs panties. I got the one with hearts from Edward because she's the best thing ever. I'm totally going to go out shop more next saturday, though. Mayhap I buy the sweater I was looking at, too, hmmm. ; o ;

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10.jan.2012 kl.19:59

The rings you bought were really cute!


10.jan.2012 kl.21:44

Flowrprint: Aahh yeah, aren't they just adorable? ; o ; thank you!


11.jan.2012 kl.22:21

Ahahah, how lovely jewelries you have got there, sire. Do not be too surprised if you find me breakin in yer window stealing all yer stash. 8)

And- Love the clothing stuffs! Where do you even get all this nice things, huhu

n Talkin bout rings;

I bought this ring recently, or, I didn't really see what the ring looked like but it actually was kind of nice (LOL I was in a hurry so I just grabbed some jewelries and payed for them cuz I needed some new ones) and saw that one of the rings had a featherprint, which reminded me of u and your bird-loving-ness/ ur blog, ahah (:


(But I have it in silver, looks much neater' in silver huhu) ^^


12.jan.2012 kl.15:26

Mao: Most of the stuff I bought is from Lindex and Accesorize, hoho. ; o ; <3 aww mannn thats so cute <3

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