butterflies and ribbons.

Hello, dear friends. No, really, hello! I thought it was time to maybe, perhaps consider getting started on my blog again. You know, kicking my own butt into actually posting something. The problem is pretty simple; if you get no response or motivation by others, it's kind of meaningless to blog. I'm not complaining or blaming: I'm just giving you the reason as to why I haven't been blogging properly in, well, a long time.

Anyway! This weekend me and my good friend Pooky (whom Bettina named Purki Popcorn) went to Jessheim to party soft with Maiken and her friends. Maiken is turning 17 soon and we had a good time. And the house she's living in? Huge. Awesome. The best, friend. Maiken also had this supercoolneat mirror for pros;

Even though me and Pook clearly aren't the represantives of pros. We hurriedly made a barfday-card for Maiken, and, well, it pretty much just looked like every single card me and Pook end up making. Fab. Swag. Absolutely awesome.

I've also done some shopping lately. I finally got my hand on some suspenders, though they're not included in the picture, too.

Ribbon headband from Accessorize, panties from Accessorize, ribbons from Panduro.

Friend, dear friend, what have you been up to?

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15.feb.2012 kl.11:22

Party soft indeed haah ;D

alle de cupcakesa gjorde meg tjukk ..


15.feb.2012 kl.15:48

Pooky: eheheeoo ;;DD hhh men de var s GODE.


17.feb.2012 kl.21:43

Hhhhhhhhhyour eyes, man. Dem eyes.

So pretty <3 your style... ghhhjghjk. You have mlp-eyes. Beautiful, big, blue eyes. Haha, nice nice. (y)


20.feb.2012 kl.18:10

Mao: Ahaha ohhh, thank you ever so much. <3

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