Hearts and Hooves day

I was so tired and eager to watch Sherlock yesterday, that I totally forgot to blog about my valentines day! My Valentine and girlfriend, Edward, paid me a visit in Ski and ohh it was so lovely, friend. I was all, ''baby can i has flowur for valentines'', and then this is what I got:

Best girlfriend ever? Best. Girlfriend. Ever. aaaaa she's such a beast and man, I'm so happy I could celebrate valentines with her. We ended up feasting at McDonalds because, uhm, well. I... I don't know. Bad habit of ours. Every date is a chips-date. <3

So, friend! How did you spend your valentine? <3

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15.feb.2012 kl.20:34

awwww no YOOOU. ; 7 ; you da cutest, kayyy gurl. And I had so so so much fun and you're uguu as always and McDonalds is our sanctuary. You da bawsss cutie and it was so marvellous and i lav you. ; v ; <3


16.feb.2012 kl.08:52

Hearts and hooves day <33

Even though i'm alone...

Forever alone

anyway... loved the MLP reference :D




16.feb.2012 kl.17:08

Edward: Aww mannn I enjoyed myself so much, baby. ; o ; thank youuuu. <3 ilu ilu big time long time ok ok <3

Halfdan: hahaa FOREVER ALOAN. Hahaha. BROHOOF.


17.feb.2012 kl.21:41

...Y..YOU ALSO WATCH SHERLOCK YES? The black curly haired, pale, special Sherlock one, yes? Mother of God I love that series. Gotta seem them all. He is so handsome, I love how he's so smart n shit n attractive n kehfhgf. <3. .. (ok I'm going to stop there)

Holy bees! That was some nice jewelleries! <3 Ed is sweet, givin u them nicest things (': Ah, my valentines' was forever alone-ish. Ahahah. But who needs a valentine-date when u got Sherlock going on at tv? Lol jk huhu (:


20.feb.2012 kl.18:09

Mao: Ohoho, oh, yes. I got hooked quite fast after watching the first episode. ; o ; he's one special, handsome fellow.

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