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Oh gosh, getting some rest after waking up 6 in the morning to pack screws all day long at work feels so good. I've been working to earn some money for 2 days now, which, well, honestly isn't all too much, but packing screws and panels really isn't the most exiting thing to do. It's also the reason why I haven't been blogging for some days; I spent my weekend with Edward and then I started working. I did get my hands on some few nicethings after work yesterday, though ; o ;

A cutesy-hootsy pillow, a cute toiletry, some nice hairclips with daisies and a big scrunchie with cats on it. Aaaa it's so catty. So, friend, what do you think? uwu

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Emma Gundersen

22.feb.2012 kl.20:52

kjempe fin blogg <3


22.feb.2012 kl.21:00

Kjempefin blogg! :D

Vil du ha 50kr rabatt p eller kanskje du vil se p noen av tilbudene deres? Trykk deg inn her: for se rabattkoden du m bruke! :)

Ha en kjempe fin kveld videre :)


22.feb.2012 kl.22:39

Emma Gundersen: Tusen takk! ; w ;

Heialisee: Tusen takk skal du ha, og i like mte. uwu skal ta en titt, hohoo.


23.feb.2012 kl.17:00

Shiver me timbers- beautiful stuff ye bought there, looks really expensive and vintage and ghdjsi I love the pink-ish purse-thing! <3 and aahah, packing screws u say? (x


23.feb.2012 kl.19:47

Mao: Mmmm most of it was real cheap, actually, ahaha. <3 Mmmyes. Is BORING.

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