The Devil's Carnival

I'll be honest; At first I was not impressed at all. Watching Emilie Autumn walk about for 12 minutes didn't really enchant me and the description of what is to come didn't quite amuse me. And then I saw this. I regret every opinion I had; I am thrilled, I am excited. From the directors of REPO! The genetic opera (one of my favorite movies ; o ;), Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman are now introducing their new musical series and oh, I'm getting the shiver and the happyspasms are creeping through all my VEINS.

The cast, my friend, the cast! The Blessed Contessa, CAPTAIN MAGGOT MY LOVE, Ogre, Alexa Vega, Emilie Autumnand Terrance Zdunich ohh, all my three octopi hearts are beating so harshly and pounding so eagerly and I just can't wait. I will not wait. I guess there is no choice but waiting but I... oh. Oh, friend. Oh boy.

Excited yet, friend? I know I am. ; A ; <3

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23.feb.2012 kl.16:52

GODhavemercy upon us all. som jeg skvatt da the yellow cast-thingiene appeared mens de synger, like "*BOM-TCH*.. and aall my dreams are drowned~ ... *BAM-TCH* ... dhjd the curtains ran between my leg fjdfhjsf *BAM-CHK*."

Jeg skvatt, bruh. |:

Anyways, aaaaw ma Gad. I love Emilie Autumn. I want to see this, oh wow- What a glorious idea putting her (and her crumpts') in such a great creation like this. Because, it.. it .. it looks GRrrrEAT. I love her, always. She's .......fhhfjdhjkd. Must see it, oh hoy- ! <33


23.feb.2012 kl.19:52

Mao: Hhhahaha aww. ; o ; Mmmm I hope it's gonna be AWESOME.

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