smores and toast.

During the course of the last days, I, the gangsterduck:

Have spent my days with my darling girlfriend the Earthworm Edward:

And we're had a joyous time! Yesterday, meaning Friday, we went to Hlen to take part in what me and Iben so lovingly named the dignity-party. Basically, this little get-together was about making toast and s'mores and, well, not getting drunk beyond oblivion haha. ; o ;

(wanted to show you guise what I was wearing ok haha nubilub. its a red-white-stried shirt with a cat on it beep beep meow.)

We also went for a walk around in Hlen and fed the ducks who were healthy and fat and ice-skating. During the devouring of the s'mores we also watched Batman: The Dark Knight, which I, believe it or not, have never ever watched, despite me being an ex-fan of the joker pff. qwq

Then I served my babu some chocolate and cookies this morning and we're having delicious roasted potatoes for dinner an oh life is so good when it's vacation. Mmmhhmmmhaha ; w ;

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Mao bru

25.feb.2012 kl.18:46

Aommmy god- y u show these delicious lookin food pics? Spiste nettopp burgerking-shit. Think ima bout ta' blow up, haha xD

U and Ed are so cute and pretty and what not. Super sweet (: me gista blogg entry!


26.feb.2012 kl.14:45

Mao: Hahaha sorry meyo. And thank youu ; o ;


27.feb.2012 kl.19:34

I am a delicious earthworm with the most handsome beard ever and YOU KNOW IT, GURLLLL. Hahahhaha oh my god I am just too gorgeous. @7@

But yesss it was lots of fun and I was so sniffly on the way home why did I have to leave sob. orz

and also

best breakfast

~ever~ @7@


28.feb.2012 kl.12:33

Edbby: Aww man baby why did you leave sob hahah. AND YES DAT BEARD mmm so soft and sexy and fluff. ; w ; awwwwww dont't you go all sniffly cat.


28.feb.2012 kl.12:40

combine 'em next time? S'MOAST!


28.feb.2012 kl.13:58

Lavinia: Loafslices with marshmallows and chocolate in between... AWWWYEAH

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