which to choose

This, in pink:


Or this, in whitexblue:


for my birthday? Which one should I choose? I don't know, friend, help a poor girl out. ; o ;

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02.mar.2012 kl.17:00


I mean

I don't knowww they're both so cute eee ; __ ; if you got the latter one tho, we could probably ~match~ and stuff which would be really cute. But the first skirt is adorable aswell. AAA idono but uhm you said you needed more pink in your closet, right? ; w ; and I mean the first one is really sweet too and I just....ADONO GURL but yeahh i bet both would look real cute on you anyway ; v ;


02.mar.2012 kl.18:42

Det frste! ^^


02.mar.2012 kl.21:06

Wow- incredible nice peace of clothing you have got there- matey'! Though desicion to make.. they are both such lovely, but. I realllllyy had a thing for the whitexblue- GORGEOUS! <3 (:


03.mar.2012 kl.23:07

Edward: Awww baby thank you so much. I think I might go for the whitexblue one because SO UGUU, but not too uguu like the pink one, haha. BUT YOU KNOW.. SAFETY LACE PANTS...?????

Nilenna: Haha, takk for hjelpen, det er sss stt det og. ; o ;

Mao: And aww man the heart-buttons. So adorbs.

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