This weekend me and Edward went to a party hosted by Mina, a friend of Edward. In this situation as every other situation, 'party' really just means sitting on the floor doing derpystuffs and not consuming alchohol. Because we're straight-edgers. The other straight-edgers were known as Theodora and Tora. DORA AND DORA and here they are ; o ;

So the evening was filled with buns, lacetights and silly hairdo's. And I'm quite alright with that. u o u <3 What have you all been up with this weekend, friends? <3

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05.mar.2012 kl.18:08

Sounds and looks so much fun, chap! What I did this weekund was sleep-over at a funny friends' house and watched movies and baked cakes and laughed our heads off and fhssdjksl, hahah (x

Anyways, you look so adorable and tiny (in a gorgeous way, aka that was certainly a compliment indeedz, hahah) and so does the pretty Ed hsdfjsk. <3


06.mar.2012 kl.17:14

Aww that sounds like such fun! Omnom cakes. ; o ; aww thank youu. <3


06.mar.2012 kl.17:22

I am a delicious earthworm. u__u and Tora's magically disappearing iris scares me.

BUT no matter, it was lots and lots of fun and I do agree with Mao sososomuch, you look so ~uguuu~ and desu and adorbs as usual and I mean come on no fair where is the pictures of dat crazy hairrr, babygurl. I DEMAND PICTURES OF THE MASTERPIECES of Theodora. GO.


06.mar.2012 kl.19:53

Mradward: Baby stop stealing my name!!! Yes alright some day, darling. Some day... ; o ; <33

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