Flowers and dresses.

Last Friday I got my hands on the dresses I bought from Ebay in February! I'm still waiting for the last one, but here are the ones I was the most thrilled about, haha. They're so spring-like and pretty. I only brought one of them to my baby Edward, so I'll try to get some pictures of the one to the right ASAP, but heres metaking awkward picturesinthe first one ; o ; <3

After I got finished with posing and my baby got done with her makeup, we went for a walk and some window-shopping around in Oslo. ''Unfortunately'' we found this super adorbs, white summerly dress and I spent some money after all, despite me making a deal with myself not to buy anything since my birthday is on the 28th. Oh well, haha!

There was also delicious icecream (mmmm that one with berries has got to be one of my favorites) and snuggling and kisses and I'm so thrilled for spring to finally arrive! ; o ; <33 I always feel so happy and jolly and as if I'm a girl newly fallen in love. Thank goodness I've got my GF to smooch to death hahahaha

And then, on Sunday, before I had to take the train home again, we watched the sunset from the park by the castle and we smooched some more. And since I'm talking about all this smooching and love; On the 24th, me and my girlfriend have been together for one year (+++!!!!) eeeeeeeeee ; o ; I'm so excite.

(hentet kjolene jeg kjpte p Ebay p fredag, og har brukt nok en helg p nuss og kyss og kos med kjrestefine. venter p vr og gseunger og hestehov. gleder du deg til vr?)

Now, friend! You excited about spring yet? What do you think about my new dress? <3

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Camilla Be

12.mar.2012 kl.16:24

kjempe st kjole :D


12.mar.2012 kl.16:25

Camilla Be: Tusen takk! ; o ; <3


12.mar.2012 kl.16:27

du er herlig og bloggen din er bare super :)


12.mar.2012 kl.16:27

lisellish: Neimen, tusen hjertelig! ; w ; <3


12.mar.2012 kl.16:28

hahahha gdi you're so uguu, darling. ; w ; and sob you're just really adorbs in your new dress and you should wear that one we bought together sometime real soon and yeah. ; 7 ;

also I just

can't get over how much of a derp I am

it's painful

but I won't complain as long as you can cope with my herpiness, dear. u__u


12.mar.2012 kl.16:30

Edward: Aww you're not herpiderp baby, haha. ; w ; and thank you soso muuuch! Haha yeah, I really want to wear it oohhh it's proper pretty alright. <3


14.mar.2012 kl.20:02

The dress. Is. Beautiful! <3 It looks certainly really stunning. All these sorts of vintage loli stuff just. njkhsdfk, it suits you too good, man. You both look pretty, such an adorable couple ffshja.

Really happy and jolly 1 years anniversary bruhs!!1! <3 (:

Springtime, isn't it? Love's in the air and all aha~

I am not too happy these days ( I just lost a little ratty friend on four legs )': ) But I guess it will get better..


15.mar.2012 kl.15:54

Mao: Hahaha, thank you so much, Mao. ; w ; And aww, man, I'm really sorry to hear about your little rat. RIP. >: <3

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