Dresses and flowers

And here you go, the other dress I got! I wore it today andI'm so happy with it, it's soft and light like a feather. ; o ; Now I'm still waiting for the last dress, aswell as some shoes I ordered, haha. <3

(alololol awkward)

And yeah, here are the shoes I bought. These, in white:


And these, in pink:

So, friends! What do you think? qwq

(hadde p den nye kjolen i dag, og den er lett og luftig som en fjr. venter for tiden p den siste kjolen jeg bestilte, samt disse skoene.)

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15.mar.2012 kl.16:44

Awh, that is so adorable! qwq It really fits you Mrell ; w ; <3

And the shoes, oh my. ; u ; You need to tell me the name of the web site o; <3


15.mar.2012 kl.16:49

TOO CUTE. /dies

CAN YOU LIKE please wear that dress this weekend babu. ; A ; you looks so adorbs i don't even. And goshhh I am so excited for the shoes to arrive eeeee ; 7 ; I just hope they'll fit us both! ; w ;


15.mar.2012 kl.17:23

All this online ordering, ahah, and you always seem to do de beste rverkjpa! 8)

God it is just __soso__ cute, you .. aahh, you have such big cute eyes and hair and face and- yeah. It is all beautiful n the dress n shoes. <3


15.mar.2012 kl.17:35

Tora: Aww thank you. ; o ; Rakuten.com/en, I believe.

Edward: Aaaaa alrighty, darling, yes i caaannn,. qwq thank you so much. <3<3 And yeah, I hope so too. ; o ;

Mao: Hahah, yeah. I used to be all scared of ordering stuff online, but I guess I just... faced the fear and decided to give it a try. And aww, thank you! ; w ; mind you that I'm wearing circle lenses, though, haha.


17.mar.2012 kl.21:18

I think it unfair that you have money to spend on such things and i dont. I belive you made very good selections, friend :) The dress is just a little bit too adorbz and stuff.


18.mar.2012 kl.22:01

Knutsen: Aww, haha, thank you! I guess it's a whole lot about finding items for a cheap prize. All the three dresses I bought from Ebay were around 40 dollars all together.

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