The Hunger Games

My girlfriend Edward left the building some hours ago and now I'm all up and excited for next weekend; We're watching the Hunger Games! On friday, to be more precise. I almost can't wait, although I haven't even read the books, haha. ; w ;Though, as the spoiler-lover I am I did read a whole lot on the Hunger Games Wikia and I think I might get around to read the books now. Because, you know. Reading is cool. Books make you look like your IQ is above average.

Or they make you look like you simply enjoy some reading. Anyway!

zdghdxjfhljkcv k kh. Unf unf bamf trailer is BAMF. Haha. I'm getting the shivers.

Are you planning on seeing the Hunger Games? Have you read the books? ; w ;

(skal se The Hunger Games med kjrestepus neste helg. Har du planer om se den? Har du lest bkene?

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18.mar.2012 kl.22:17

Jeg har lest alle tre, og jeg skal p premieren p Hamar og jeg gleder meg helt SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYKT! :D


18.mar.2012 kl.22:22

TheRealPriesta: Aww man, awesomeee. ; o ; Have fun! Plottet hres s utrolig neat ut, s det er nok p tide at jeg prver meg p lese dem, haha. ; w ;


18.mar.2012 kl.23:25

Saw the trailer on TV and stuff recently, heard bout it for the first time when Gin presented it to our class for some presentation-stuff where they told bout the books hhh (:

And so it looks really awesome and cool so hsfgsjfhjsdf I want to see dat movie~ :D -tho jeg ser den sikkert nr den ha vrt ute en stund, s slow som jeg er sob-

(+ I saw some pretty handsome actors *nudgenudge*)

~ Juliet Elliot

19.mar.2012 kl.00:55

Har lest alle bkene og leser frste boka n en gang til fr galla premieren p Torsdag! Jeg gleder meg sinnsykt!


19.mar.2012 kl.16:27

Mao: Aww did Ginni have a presentation, she's growing up so fast LOLJK. Aww man yeah, du burde se den, Mao. Well jeg har jo ikke sett den selv men amigad. Hres s fett ut.

Juliet Elliot: Aww man, fett, ahaha. qwq Have fun, da! ; w;


19.mar.2012 kl.16:51


unnffff I'm so looking forward to this GDI I can't waitttt darling ; A ; sheesh i just

all this excitement I cannot contain myself

will you be ashamed to walk beside me if I'm all dressed up like a capitolite, dear. ; 7 ;


19.mar.2012 kl.18:10

Edward: Aww no way, love, It'll be awesome when you dress up you. ; w ; <433

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