Guess what arrived some days ago, friend!

Thats right; our shoes. Unfortunately my shoes were too big, especially the white ones. But cotton can change the world, and by pushing some dots of cotton in the front and wearing a heel-cap, they sit just alright. I still can't really wear them for everyday use, though - atleast not if I'm going to walk a whole lot. But thats okay. The pink ones sit a bit better, too. uwu

So, friend, this weekend... this weekend, on the 24th, me and my girlfriend had our First Anniversary! We've been together for one year (++) now and I'm so proud of her and me and ohh I just love her soso much, friends. ; o ; <3 We spent our anniversary eating Panna Cotta in the park by the castle, and during the evening we went to the theatres with her family and had a jolly good time. Friday we watched The Hunger Games: And oh, friends, The Hunger Games... was just brilliant. I cried so so much and I haven't even read the books, haha! I was literally crying all the way home. All these salty tears.

We also got tons of compliments on our attires as we were strolling around in Oslo. A lady even took a sneak-shot before showing it to us later, haha. So cute! ; o ; <3

So, friends! How have you all been?

(skoene kom i posten, men er beklageligvis litt for store - men alt kan fikses med litt bomull. N har jeg og allerkjreste jentekjresten min vrt sammen i et helt r og mere til og vi er glade og stolte og glade i hverandre. <3 Vi s hunger games og jeg grt hele veien hjem, og jeg har ikke en gang lest bkene. Panna Cotta er forresten veldig godt.)

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26.mar.2012 kl.16:18

Such a pretty couple, that is what you are. <3

No wonder you guys got complimented, I love yer style as well! So inspiring and vintage n loli n .. yeah. Love it. - And; Those shoes looked _incredibly cute by the way!

I have been just fine, I actually got a 6 in school -FAINT- !!1 ..tho.. we have hella' lotta' tests in this upcoming week. Much practicing, sob!


26.mar.2012 kl.16:44

Mao: Thank youu! ; o ; haha aww and thank you thank you and just thank you all over haha. //// Aww, in what subject? Congrats!


26.mar.2012 kl.17:15


this post makes me happy, okay. ; A ; gosh, it was such a pleasant weekend and omg 1 year is such a long time and isn't that just lovely. ; w ; <33 And oh my goshhh we should go watch the movies together more often because it's so pleasant and even your tears are made of uguu and WE HAVE TO WATCH THE SECOND MOVIE TOGETHER whenever it comes out and yes it will be brilliant and ilu too okay


; w ; <3


26.mar.2012 kl.18:00

Edward: /snifflysnuffs

Aww I'm glad you think so too, baby. ; o ; <3 hahaha all these tears i just can't. Thank youuu. <3 Oh gosh please remind me not to get my makeup on and all because girl I'm going to weep so hard hahaha aw. <'3


26.mar.2012 kl.19:00

I norsk, hhh~ !

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