Darling Shoes

So, heres a better picture of my shoes!;

I ordered them from Rakuten, a bit worried that they would either be too big or too small for me. I used to be very scared about ordering stuff online, but as you may or og may not have noticed, I've been doing a lot of online buyings recently. Unfortunately, my fear was realized as the shoes arrived and I tried them on for the first time.

They're both Japanese size 24, although the white ones are much bigger than the pink ones. I fixed it by inserting soles, cotton in the front and a heelcap at the back, and although they fit almost perfectly now, they still slip a bit and I can't walk around in them for too long. The pink ones, however, wrap much better around my feet. The soles pretty much solved the problem, haha. Both pairs are still a bit stiff, but I'm guessing they'll soften up after some walking.

My experience with Rakuten was, all in all, great! ; o ; haha. The order arrived pretty fast and everything went smoothly and alright. I'll definitely be buying at Rakuten again, hoho. <3

(skoene mine fra Rakuten, som beklageligvis er litt store i strrelsen - spesielt de hvite. Har ftt fikset det med sle, kippekappe og bomull i den hvite og sle og bomull i den rosa. Det tok ikke lang tid fr skoene hadde kommet frem - skal definitivt bestille fra Rakuten igjen. <3)

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~ Juliet Elliot

27.mar.2012 kl.21:13

Hvilken strelse er det i norsk? TuT


28.mar.2012 kl.19:41

Juliet Elliot: Strrelse 24 er omkring 38. uwu


28.mar.2012 kl.20:57

Gdiii they're so cute. ; A ; I mean, I haven't seen you in the pink ones yet but I insist that you wear them sometime real soon, okay. u__u And pffff it's such a shame that they're a bit uncomfy, especially since the white pair suits you really well, dear. <3 But yeah, they'll probably soften up as you use them a little more. ; w ;

also gdi you have to post more outfits in general silly

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY babyyy <3 I know I've told you a lot of times already but there is no such thing as too much happy birthday-ness.


28.mar.2012 kl.22:38

SSHII--- They were ahdhjsgfhjs dangerously cute. The bows are perfectly placed on the shoes skfj.

Looks like a great buy!~ One has to "suffer" for the beauty y'know, huhuh (8


28.mar.2012 kl.22:56

Edward: Awww, I can try wearing them on friday if you wish? ; w ; haha. But yeah, hopefully they'll turn a bit more comfy after a while. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH BABYDAARRL <33

Mao: Aww Mao thank youu! ; w ; I love them to bits haha

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