Powder Pink

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 17, and in all sincere honesty I really wanted to remain 16, haha. I've always been a bit scared of the thought of growing up. But oh well, yesterday I was awakened by singing and presents and breakfast in bad and a hairy, stinking dog! Heres some of the things I got:

I am so much in love with the pink skirt, I just..... Oh. It's perfect. Apart from these things I also got a huge pillow, some money, a pot-plant, and some stuff for my bed, hoho. ; w ; I'll be celebrating with my frands this saturday! I'm so so so excite.

What do you think of the presents, friend?

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29.mar.2012 kl.20:14

Omg! That's like some of the cutest things I've ever seen! <3


30.mar.2012 kl.15:55

..Omg. Now I got scared growing up. |: Omg. I will get old once- Wrinkles. NO mao stop it.

LOL jk- Hah. Nah. We will be forever young. Like dat song. (:

Anyways, hope you have a jolly and amazing birthday! And the clothes and pictures are just gorgeous, gorgeous presents! <3


30.mar.2012 kl.16:16

TheRealPriesta: Ahaww, it can't possibly be, haha. ; o ; but thank you so much! <3

Mao: so many wrinkles, mao... wrinkulz... hahaa no I'm kidding. Thank youu! <3

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