animals are cute.

Me and cat, also known as Ghost Tomi Goldie McNoggenFroggen Kokosknollen Vlad Icat Vanilla-chan Ingvaldsen.He's a pretty cool guy. I swear my cat isn't always this fat, though. Kidding. He's a fatty and i wuv him so much wuvin all over teh place ; o ; <3

During English classes at school today our teacher, Walter, decided that it was time for us to watch a film - This Is England, which was, quite frankly, both hilarious and cute and very, very disturbing. He also brought chips and chocolate and soda for us to devour and it was pretty swell. ; o ; haha.

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30.mar.2012 kl.16:47

Lucky you - If we want candy we have to bring it ourselves (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

DAT CAT. <3 Omg look at all that fluff, what an adorable cat hsdhshd. <3 How old is he now anyway hh?


30.mar.2012 kl.20:37

Arrrgh, herregud. S vakkert bilde!! Bde du og katten, omggg. dr. pene<3


30.mar.2012 kl.21:41

AAAARRGHHH TOO PRETTY PICTURE I JUST MOOOOO. LIke a cow. And your english teacher seems ok :)


30.mar.2012 kl.23:15

Mao: Aww mannn. ): Well, it doesn't happen too often, haha. AWW YEAH I KNOWWWW *o* I think he's turning 7 or 8 this May.

Ann-Kristin: Aww, tusen hjertelig takk, haha! ; w ; <3

Knutsen: Haahaha awww, thank you! ; w ; oh yes, he's pretty alright.

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