I did totally not wear this today because it was cold and I had to change. But!!!!! My baby gave me the octopi-sweater I've been wanting for so long and I just had to and it is beyond AMAZING. Yes. Aaaawabbaabbab. ; o ; <33 I'll be blogging about the babi-barfday-party tomorrow, but it's late and I'm lazying all over the chair. So, um, yes. Tomorrow.

But today we went out for a walk and brought some chocolate pudding. What we didn't bring was intelligence, and we returned home quickly because there was wind all over the place, and it's hard to eat pudding with strands of hair all over your face. ; A ;Besides, it was cold. Wimps, we are.

Baby just wanted to have you know that she looks like a retard, but I completely disagree and all. But. Uhm. Yes, this would be our faces! Haha. ; o ; I just went all almost natural and only wore circle lenses,the new mascara I also got from my baby yesterday, aswell as a cutesy flowersy that I got from Bettina. THANKS BETNI.

So, friend! What have you been up to? ; w ;

(innlegg om bursdagsfeiringen kommer i morgen fordi det er sent og jeg er lat, he he. I dag gikk vi ut. Det var kaldt og masse vind og vi prvde spise pudding. Gikk ikke helt, da.)

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01.apr.2012 kl.23:34

Omfg you are so pretty and cute <3 AND ED wtf you don't look retarded! You are gorgeous, gurl djadladkal. + Cute clothing you got there! And I also hate eating while it's all windy outside. Makes me want to cut off my hair in rage, hahah. xD Yay maor entries ploz~

♛ lions and tigers

02.apr.2012 kl.12:50

u guys so cuteee!


02.apr.2012 kl.15:12

Mao: Hahaah no she doesn't look retarded at all. ; o ; <33 ahaha thank you. <3

Btni B: Uaaaa thank you Betnii <3

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