Birthday Partay.

Okay, I know I said I'd blog yesterday but here you have yesterdays blog-entry... today!

My outfit fromSaturday:

JSK from Innocent world
Shoes from DreamV
Thights, blouse and rose from H&M
Bow from Gina Tricot.

Cats outfit fromSaturday:


And here you have some randomly assorted pictures from the Birthday Partay haha ; o ;

Marte being vicious, people being swag, cake being delicious and moistand girlfriend being hotstuff with suspenders.All in all I had such a great time and I'm glad all you awesome and totally darling people could be there, haha. ; w ; such a pity Pook couldn't come, but oh well, there will always be other barfdays. I am also soooo happy and excited about the presents I got haha, so thank you all! ; w ; I hope you enjoyed yourself and stuff and that the tacos and the cakes were good. <3

I'll try to get some pictures of what I got tomorrow or so, but now I'm off to continue being a total n00b at Skyrim. Cheers, friend. <3

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03.apr.2012 kl.20:31

God that looks fun. And you look as pretty as always! / Everyone looked very dashing (Y)

...And mother of God- Is that oreo cake? I swear to god I could have married that cake, I love it so much fhskffls. Now I got hungry |: BUT anyways; looks so much. <3


03.apr.2012 kl.20:31

..looks so much fun* hahah


03.apr.2012 kl.21:52

Mao: Thank you Maooo haha. ; o ; MMM YESSS DELICIOUS OREOCAKE. It's best when it's homemade, though, haha.


04.apr.2012 kl.19:26

who's a famous rorita

who made it to fyeahclassiclolita with her coooord

I think that was you

I honestly think Ghost should've accompanied you though. He looks smashing as always.

OKAY JOKES ASIDE (what. what jokes. both you and vanilla-chan look amazing wut ; w ;)

the birthday was sososo much fun and I had such a splendid time even though my bangs went derping all over the place and my makeup got messed up but WUTEVAR. And that cake was ohhhhhhmygod it was heavenly can we plz make some more sometime soon I need this cake in my life okay. ; w ;


04.apr.2012 kl.19:31

Edward: Aww man you stop iiit ; A ; ///// <3 I'm so flattered though hahaha. Oh ok baby lets try making that cake once ok <3

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