Hello, friend! Vacation is good and I'm pretty much just spending my time, well, drawing and playing Skyrim. Skyrim is good. But, uhm, yeah, here are some of the things I got for my birthday!:

The most adorable sweater I've been wanting for, like, forever. Octopi are CUTE. I got the sweater from muh girlfriend, aswell as those totally adorable and lovely lace shorts. She also gave me a ton of makeup-stuffs and hair products and what not. Best girlfriend ever? Yes. Best girlfriend ever. I got the two totally adorable shirts from my parents.

Pick flower clips from Bettina, bows and rose from Halfdan, ring from Iben. Iben also gave me a white bow headband, Bettina gave me some adorable nailpolish, and Halfdan some money. Marte gave me delicious money and Anders....

Well, Anders is a thug and gave me good-night songs from a diaper-club and a two day old bottle of juice. Mmmmm.

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06.04.2012 kl.23:04

Hahah love the smiley wrists!

How cute presents fdjadkslk. Omfg and I love the shorts especially. Looks great. <3


06.04.2012 kl.23:45

Mao: HAhaha aw. <3 And yesss I knooow. They're absolutely amazing. ; A ; <33

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