I'm sorry I haven't been blogging in a while, friend. Truly sorry! I spent easter gaming Skyrim and drawing a bit every now and then and that is, well, pretty much about it, haha. Oh welly welly well. This is what I wore to school today;

Also, I just decided to give Xena: Warrior Princess a try. Why? Because I love me some serious, true-love relationships between women, seeing as most of what we see today is heterosexual girls making out with all their heterosexual girlfriends, branding themselves bi. Besides; nothing is more inspiring when it comes to drawing and writing than, well, proper developed relationship, which seems to be what I'm about to face. Xena here I COME.

Have you watched the series? haha ; w ;

(beklager for min inaktivitet! I pskeferien gjorde jeg ikke stort mye annet enn spille Skyrim og tegne, s det ble ikke mye blogging. Har ogs bestemt meg for prve se Xena: Warrior princess. Ingenting er mer inspirerende enn true love og snt.)

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Marte Kristine

11.04.2012 kl.17:15

Fiint :)


11.04.2012 kl.17:25

Marte Kristine: Tusen takk! ; w ; <3


11.04.2012 kl.17:43

You look glorious, beautiful! ~

I think I may have watched one Xena episode sometime, I looked it up and it looked very familiar haha, looks awesome anyways! :)


11.04.2012 kl.18:20

Mao: Aww thank you so much! ; w ; Haha it's pretty cooool.


11.04.2012 kl.18:27

I know I say this every time but gdi you are TOO CUTE. ; ___ ; holy schnitzel look at all that uguu you've got goin' on. I can't.

also I didn't really get the part are Xena and Gabrielle like really-really together or wut? ; 7 ;


11.04.2012 kl.19:39

Du er s sinnsykt vakker! *misunne deg*

Kjempe fint outfit!


11.04.2012 kl.20:58

Edward: Mmmmbaby you're too kind, haha. ; w ; thank you! <3 Uhmm well, I wouldn't say they're lesbians in a relationship. They're best friends, lovers, soul-mates who appareantly will stay together for eternity, but not in a _relationship, sort of? haha.

Yuki: Aww, tusen takk skal du ha! ; w ;

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