This Saturday me and my love went out to hang a bit around in Oslo. We dressed up with roses pinned to our blouses and flowers in our hair, and we had icecream at the Ben & Jerry's bar at Palet. It was... it was absolute delicious friend and oh my god I just have to go there again some time. I had Phish Food and my favorite, Chocolate Macadamia, and Edward had Coconutterly Fair and Mint Chocolate Cookie. Sssoooo goood. ; A ; <3

(hahaha so derp uguuu)

I also bought a new dress! Since I recently received money after working some days I just decided thatI should buy myself another dress. It's totally adorable and red with polkadots, and a beautiful lace-collar. I also bought a miniature-hat with a ribbon, haha. I haven't got any pictures yet, but I'll try to show it to you either tomorrow or... the day after tomorrow. Oh, and also! I got the shoes my parents ordered for my birthday aaaassdsdsd. It's originally 2 pairs, but one of them were way too small. The high-heeled ones, on the other hand... they're perfectly perfect. But yeahh ahahha I'll show them to you eventually. ; o ;

burando haha wut

So, well, yes. Whats up, friend? ; w ;

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16.04.2012 kl.15:11

Y U have to eat so much delicious and show us!1 I promised myself to quit chocolate and sweets for a while so I can maintain my slimness but- ..TO hell with dat. Now I got an huge urge to eat sweets. :F (just gotta hope I stay slim 4evur)

Hahaha aw, you are so luckyy. <3 Aaahg, such beautiful clothing, pretty ones.


16.04.2012 kl.20:03

Mao: What man Mao you just can't just not eat sweets and fat icecream omggg ahaha. ; A ; ANDTHANKS

Edward derpsies

17.04.2012 kl.19:57

that icecream


so delicious I think I'll go have some baked alaska now ; 7 ;

AND OMG saturday was like the best thing ever and we have to do that again okay like every saturday when you're here and it's sunny pretti plz babu ; w ;

also yeah qurl you're so rori even the ground recognizes your brand /shot

also you are too cute <333 ; w ;


17.04.2012 kl.20:17


Oh right we didn't eat it all GOG DFN hhahaha it was sooo good. ; o ; ohh and yes. <3 Well, almost every sunday. That icecream is expensive gurl haha. ; o ; and aww baby _your brand, you mean. THANK YOUU yuo are too <3

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