Outfit and Cakes

I feel like whenever I'm blogging, it's like a boring and stiff diary of mine that no people, except from me, are supposed to enjoy. How utterly dull! But I won't be blogging about how blogging is a bit drowsy at times; I'll blog about this weekend with that girlfriend of mine, and with my family gathered singing my birthday-song. Haha. So! This is me with the outfit I posted, aka what I wore:

And heresmy... uhmmm well, my face haha:

We had pasta and chicken-salad for dinner, and me and my galfrand cut all them green-things. Then we made this delicious masterpiece of a fruitilicious cake, aka, we did the fruit;

And it was goooood.


As for the presents everything was great and there was money and ohhh yeeesss. I also got a jacket I both wanted and needed, seeing as I only had a long, woolen jacket which isn't really ideal during summer. I'm too lazy to fix up a picture myself, but heres the stock-photo! ; w ;

I'm thinking of removing the black bows, though, because I think they're a bit too much, but we'll see. Also, it's not too visible on this photo, but the edge of the opening is lined with hundreds of small, white pearls. It's totemo adorabu, haha. ; o ;

What say you, friend? <3

(feiret bursdagi helgen, med familie og kjreste. Fikk en del png, og ogs denne jakken, somjeg bde trengte og hadde nsket meg. ; w ; vurderer fjerne de sorte babbislyfene, men vi fr se. Hva synes du?)

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Teresa Nguyen

22.04.2012 kl.19:08

stt antrekk! :)


22.04.2012 kl.19:21

Teresa: Tusen takk! ; w ;


23.04.2012 kl.11:35

Ahh, the birthday was so much fun I don't even ; w ; <3 and I felt like such a pro cutting all them veggies and fruitsies, hahaha. ; 7 ; and the cakes

omg don't even get me started ; A ; so much delishhh gdi. Either way, it was such great fun and you were uguu like always and can we plz have more parties



23.04.2012 kl.13:07

Edward: hahaha ba by you are absolutely ferocious when you got them tomatoes! <3 Mmmm lets party all day everyday as long as we're together and stuff. ; o ; <3 and thank youuuu you were quite swell too <3


23.04.2012 kl.21:10

OMG du er pen du. *dies*

And same goes for Ed. You are both stunners. Stop it, haha. *_*

All these pretty clothes. And whattt- I find your blog very entertaining. It is lllovely~ ^^


24.04.2012 kl.10:36

Mao: HAhahaha takk takk. ; w ; hngghhh thank you, Mao. <3

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