pink lemonade.

After having my mock-exam in mathematics, I got to know that our photo-teacher was sick and so we were free to go. It's quite ironic, really - I'm always home during Thursdays to work with my photo-project, and when I finally go to school, the teachers not there! Haha, oh well. I had a nice walk all the way down to Ski station, where I took the bus to home only to walk some more. The weather is absolutely lovely, so I decided to spend some time out! ; w ;

My dear old ladycat Miss Miff joined me in the fine weather. She's such a charming thing.

With my heart-shaped glasses I drank pink lemonade and had some blueberries while reading the wonderful, haunting tales of H.P. Lovecraft, the one true genius in this world. Oh Lovecraft. Oh craft of love. oh. <3

What have you been up to? ; w ;

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Charles Dexter Ward

04.05.2012 kl.09:38

I have that very same book, it is phenomenal.


04.05.2012 kl.13:25

Charles Dexter Ward: It is indeed!


05.05.2012 kl.14:13

Omg Miff looks sssso adorable :')

Lovely pics ~ I have been practicing for tests, and have to get some clothing that's 60's related for school which isn't easy haha. *_*


05.05.2012 kl.16:38

Mao: She does, doesn't she? <3 Ohhh, really? That sounds neat. Good luck! ; w ;

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