My outfit for today - I didn't wear a petticoat, you guys. There was no petticoat. I haven't worn skirts without petticoats for, what, years! hahaha. ; w ;

Now that proper summer is just around the corner, I can finally start wearing light thights, stockings and socks! Simple, thick and white thights are cute and elegant, but it gets so boring after a while. Also, today me and my group started making our commercial for glasses, for school. It was loads of fun and I got to meet a new, fluffy fluffykins-cat with huge, pale green eyesand I'll get around to share some of it's loveliness sometime, haha. ; o ; <3

You excited for summer, friend?

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Teresa Nguyen

04.05.2012 kl.20:13

cute outfit!


04.05.2012 kl.20:49

Teresa: Tusen takk! ; w ;


05.05.2012 kl.14:09

Loveliest outfit ever, looking great bruv *_* ~

And yess cannot wait for summer, do fun stuff and to get some colour and shiz :')


05.05.2012 kl.16:37

Mao: Mmmmthank you Mao, haha! ; w ; Ohhh haha, tanning? I'm pretty hyped for going to the beach.

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