Ask me questions!

... Pretty please?

I'm now open for questions. I'll make a video where I will answer your questions in an awkward, shy english, and the questions can be about pretty much anything, for example;

Favorite music genre, bands, shopping and fashion, my style, drawing (my program, inspiration), interests, animals, whatever you want to know about me, really! Although let's try not to get too up close and fleshy. ///

I'll be filming and posting the video... mmm, well, whenever the weather is nice and I've got enough questions, haha.

No limits! Go ahead and ask! ; w ; <3

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06.05.2012 kl.22:21

Favorite movie, band and song? ~~


06.05.2012 kl.23:17

Favorite background pony, and favorite episode of MLP:FiM :)



07.05.2012 kl.08:17

Thanks for the questions! I'll be sure to add them. uwu

Charles Dexter Ward

07.05.2012 kl.09:00

Favorite Lovecraft short story?

Charles Dexter Ward

07.05.2012 kl.09:26

And, are you going to play that new (FREE) Portal 2 DLC?


07.05.2012 kl.09:45

Charles: Thanks! ; w ;


07.05.2012 kl.13:14

What are your ambitions for the future? (Since I am way too nice to ask one of them mean questions D:>


07.05.2012 kl.14:22

Vraugl: haha, thanks. <3 you may ask as many questions as you'd like, though!


07.05.2012 kl.15:53

If you had to wear one specific outfit and eat one specific meal for the rest of the year, what would that be?

If you were to dye your hair another colour - which would you choose? (Permanent or not, doesn't matter. 8D)

Favourite Game of Thrones-character, and whyyy?

If you had to cosplay anyone else than Fluttershy for Desucon, which character would you pick?

Top 3 favourite clothing brands?

Dark, white or... uhm, regular milkchocolate? ; 7 ;

These are getting silly. Sorry. ; ___ ; serious one though

Is your girlfriend like a total n00b or something lawl she seems so laaame

okay i'll stop

but answer it!!!!


07.05.2012 kl.16:17

Edward: aaa alright baby, haha, thank you for all the questionsss! ; w ; <33


20.05.2012 kl.20:21

Are you a lesbian or bi? *blush*

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

What religious believes do you have?


20.05.2012 kl.21:08

Doedeer: Thanks! <3


20.05.2012 kl.21:14

Te eller kaffe? ehehe, jeg suger <3


20.05.2012 kl.21:22

standar sprsml, here we gooo

- if you could change your name, what would you like to be called?

- is there any celebrity/person that you find attractive even though they aren't really concidered attractive to other people? (weird question, like Jack Black. ..... he looks like A TEDDY BEAR <3)

- have you ever concidered changing your hair colour? In that case, which colour?

- Your thoughts on piercings and tattoos. Would you like any?



20.05.2012 kl.22:45

Nuudel: Thanksss! <3

Katti: Thanks a lot, Katti! ; w ; man, I'll have to think real hard for that celebrity one, haha.

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