sick passerine

I'm so, so sorry for my inactivity, friends! I managed to catch a cold, so I've been home almost all week. I was feeling rather alright during the classes at Monday, but it just got worse. ): I'm going back to school tomorrow, though, but obviously there hasn't been much going on, and therefore not much to blog about. But! Tomorrow I'll be going to Oslo again, and mayhap me and my baby are going to meet Iben to go to Yoghurt Heaven. Mmmmm delicious Yoghurt.

I also finished my photoxillustration-project! The original idea was mixing photo and illustration, but doing a forest photo and illustration-crossover proved... very difficult indeed. So I ended up with photo representing the harsh, grey reality, and illustration representing the bright and vivid fantastic world. And here is the final result!;

(click for bigger size)

What do you think, friend? <3

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14.05.2012 kl.15:30

Aww man that sucks.. hope you will get well fast again, then!

And oh my gosh that looks truly amazing1! *_*


14.05.2012 kl.15:33

Mao: I'm well and kicking, no worries! ; w ; thanks a lot haha <3

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