frozen yoghurt heaven. <3

This weekend was full of such yoghurty wonders, my friends! ; o ; I spent it in Oslo, as Mras are bound to do, and on Saturday me and my girlfriend Edward met up with Iben, Gjertrud og Amanda to go get some Frozen, delicious yoghurt atYoghurt Heaven- we had such a grrrrrreat time! haha. <3

Our delicious yoghurts. It was a serve yourself-caf. You simply grab a cup, choose your yoghurt and then add whatever dancy and berries you like, and then you pay depending on the weight. Very clever. Each yoghurt 'machine' had 2 tastes, for example coffee to the left, chocolate to the right, and then one in the middle which mixes both tastes. Mine is the one closes to the camera; a strawberry-coconut mix with blueberries and chocolate with oreo. Absolutely delicious; I will go there again some time.


Polkadot friieeends.

Gjertrud and Amanda, haha. So cute.

Quite gangster. Quite quite.

I also bought some stuff - some panties, a pair of shorts and a very lovely mint-coloured collar, which I will blog about tomorrow. But what I am really excited about, my friends, is this; my petticoat arrived! I ordered it from Vivcore and it is absolutely amazing, and so, so very soft. It arrived just in time, right before 17th of May where I'll be wearing my dress from Innocent World. So very excited! ; w ; I'll tell you about that later, too. Maybe write a short review.

(var p Yoghurt Heaven p lrdag med kjrestepus, Iben, Gjertrud med Amanda og hadde det superfest. Du forsynte deg selv med yoghurt med forskjellig smak, fr du dekorerte og pyntet med kjeks, br og godteri, og betalte etter vekt. Kjempestas! <3)

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14.05.2012 kl.19:18

Damn that yoghurt was good <3 Think I'll have to take a trip back to Oslo with all you guys again soon c: and then we'll have to go to Pascal and eat some delicious cakes :D

xoxo sweet Merp OwO


14.05.2012 kl.19:20

Lavinia: Indeeeddd haha, we have to go get some more yogurt again some day though ; o ; <3


14.05.2012 kl.19:52

Yeah omg I concurrr Iben. ; ___ ; so gooood I can't. And it's even healthy, so let's just, go there over and over and over again plz. ; 7 ; IT'S ON ME YOU GUYS. Okay no I wish but maybe. ; w ; and ahhh why are you so cute babuuu. ; A ; and look at all dat derp i've got goin on I'm sorry for derpifying your blog, sweetie. OTL


14.05.2012 kl.21:43

Edward: Mmmm baby lets ditch McDonalds forever and just go have yogurt. <3 hahaha, well, sometimes, atleast. Romantic yogurt-dinners plz? ; o ; <3 and no wayyy baby you're not derp at all you're just handsome and thank youu //////


15.05.2012 kl.16:17

Oh my Gosh, have to get my ass to oslo, as there is so much cool stuff there.

Now I rly want yoghurt :F

And fffs you and Ed and all of you are looking smashing ;D haha just luv your stylez


15.05.2012 kl.17:22

Mao: Ohh you should! Go try out both the Ben&Jerrys bar and Yoghurt Heaven, so gooood. <3 haha, thank you! ; w ;

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