vivcore petticoat short review

I've honestly never written a proper review before, and I don't think this post will change that, haha. But I'll tell you about my absolutely wonderful experience with Vivcore!

It took some time to actually get it all the way to Norway, but it was worth it. What greeted me as I opened the package was a hand-written note thanking me for the order - aswell as some chocolate and some chocolate tea!

Now, I had already read some reviews before ordering, and I'm just as pleased as I thought I'd be. I ordered their lace petticoat, which isn't as fluffy as their, well, fluffy petticoat, and it's more suitable for A-line, classic dresses. However, the poof gets intimidating if you simply add a lesser petticoat beneath in case you want to go for a more wrecking-everything-in-my-way-style. Which is pretty sweet! The petticoat is just as soft and silky as a kitten and doesn't feel itchy against your skin - at all.  

The Vivcore petticoat alone beneath my Innocent World JSK in the first picture, and for a bit extra poof, I added my second, shorter petticoat beneath in the second picture. Can't wait to wear this for Norways National Day tomorrow!

All in all I am very very very pleased with both the petticoat itself and the service. And the chocolate. I don't have much experience with other petticoats, but this one is by far the best I've encountered. It's purrrrfect! ; o ;

(underskjørtet mitt fra vivcore - mykt som en kattunge, absolutt perfekt. Fikk atpåtil en liten sjokolade og sjokolade-te med i pakken. Kjempesøtt! <3)

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Churi Chan

17.05.2012 kl.19:32

kjempefin! :D jeg selv har blitt mer komfortabel med litt mindre poof, når jeg kler meg i Lolita til hverdags, så slike petticoats er perfekte :D


17.05.2012 kl.22:01

Churi Chan: Tusen takk! Ikkesant, kjempepraktisk om man ikke føler for å være altfor brutal med poofen til hverdags, haha. ; w ;

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