17th of May outfit

Here is what I wore for my beloved Norways birthday, on the 17th of May! I got up a bit early to get dressed in my JSK from Innocent World, and went down to Ås with my mother to listen to the speechs about Falsen, watched the train of children, and afterwards we went to visit someone in our family. There I spent most of the time watching Wall-E with Michelle, my cousin, aswell as trying to learn how to play League of Legends. So hard, but very very much fun! ; w ; I'll write a proper post about yesterday after the weekend has passed, but for now, have this picture, haha.

What did you wear for 17th of May? <3

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Solveig Kristine

18.05.2012 kl.12:42

nydelig kjole!


18.05.2012 kl.12:46

Solveig: Tusen takk! ; w ;

Marte Kristine

18.05.2012 kl.13:09

Så søtt!


18.05.2012 kl.13:24

SO CUTE. ; ___ ; sheesh your coords are always so amazing, you cutie you. ; A ; how do you even do it I can't comprehend. OTL TEACH ME HOW TO COORD BABYYY I need it sob


18.05.2012 kl.15:43

Du er uten tvil det søøøteste! Skikkelig dukke :D


18.05.2012 kl.18:53



18.05.2012 kl.22:16

nydelig! Håret ditt er så flott <3 jeg kledde meg i Lolita jeg også :D ikke så praktisk i pøsregnet, men ja ja... kommer post om det i morgen ;)


19.05.2012 kl.13:11

Så peeen <3 it looks so nydelig!


19.05.2012 kl.22:35

Marte Kristine: Tusen takk! <3

Edward: aww girlfriennddd thank you so much! ; w ; but what your coords are so goood baby <3

Tracey: Aww, herremin, tusen takk! <3

Clocket: Hahahahahah aw hahaha //////

Christine: Aww, tusen takk skal du ha! Var veldig heldig med været, ser for meg at det er ille å stå der ute uten en stor nok paraply til å dekke underskjørtet ditt, haha. ; w ;'

Mao: Aaa, thank youu, mao! <3

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