dark shadows.

(outfit from yesterday)

This Friday, me and my girlfriend were brutally pulled out of our basementdwelling base by Lars, Mons, Oda and Maiken who had come 'all the way' from Jessheim. Which was really just cozy, seeing as it's been a while! Saturday, aka yesterday,me, Marte, Oda and girlfrand went to Ski to watch Tim Burtons new film; Dark Shadows. And I'll be honest - I badmouthed this movie quite a lot because of the trailer, seeing as I thought it would be ''vampire awakens in a funky hippie-dwelling psychedelic future and is amazed by a television and also he sleeps with a chick'', but as soon as Bella Heathcote entered the stage, I completely changed my opinions. The movie had more depth that what I first thought!

Hello, Belurielle Viril. Dandy looking today. Anyway!

Lars isn't camerashy no more, what even!!!! also, swag.

It was silly, but there were only 6 people watching the film; the gang of swag, whose feet you see here, and a couple who, of course, had gotten the seats right in front of us so we couldn't sit like this after all. Oh well! haha. After the cinema me and girlfriend Edward literally ran up to my house because it was time to watch Eurovision! Congratulations to Sweden for winning, but I really wish Moldova, my favorite, did that instead. Oh well. ): ): ):

What have you been up to, friends?; o ; <3

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29.05.2012 kl.15:58


+Oh Dark Shadows, I've been a lil sceptic to dat but, Johnny Depp is in it, soo.. ;) Must see, lol

I've been watching Eurovision and stuff, ahah, I was mainly cheering for Ireland, but.. And LOL it is fun to sit like that in an empty cinema-hall ... tho we got almost thrown out for sitting like that :U


29.05.2012 kl.16:25

Mao: Thank you! ; w ; Yeah, I was extremely skeptic, especially seeing as I think Johhny Depp is being a bit too overused as the ''quirky, slightly mad man who always has a smug comeback'' hahaha

LOL aw thats unfortunate XD


31.05.2012 kl.09:26

Zozozo much cute, i just love the whole style of that movie. c:


03.06.2012 kl.15:38

Lavinia: Can't really said I liked the movie as a whole, but it had some really cute moments, haha. ; w ;

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