oh my gosh, lolita

The great and almighty lolita brands have begun releasing their summer collections- what even is a girl to do with all these tempting prints. ; A ; I've already decided on getting Innocent World's Bambi print, skirt version in Mint, and I'll be ordering it in a few days. It's a nice replacement for my dream print, Lotta, haha.; w ; However, I just found out about Angelic Pretty's Little Bird Symphonia print and it is just lovely in the Ivory colourway! Ahhhhh my three octopus hearts are aching for it, haha.

The two skirts - to the left, Innocent Worlds Bambi print, which I'm getting very soon, and the Little Bird print of Angelic Pretty. All my tears and drools, oh gosh. ; A ; I really want it in my closet, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend such an amount of money just now. Sob.

Then there is also this one lovely print, which I for some ungodly reason forgot to mention, that I also want; Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Kitty Kitty Rhapsody! So cute.

What do you think of the skirts, friend? <3

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03.06.2012 kl.16:14

that is sooo cute :D


03.06.2012 kl.20:50

the bambi print skirt is so wonderful! love it :D


03.06.2012 kl.21:32

Tracey: Ahh, I know! ; A ;

Christine: Indeed it is! It's absolutely gorgeous. <3

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