I will, as you've surely understood by now, be cosplaying Fluttershy for this summers Desucon. I'm relieved to say that everything is ready for the con - the wig, the outfits, the jewelry and, ofcourse; the cutie mark, which I finished just now! And let me tell you, friend, it is absolutely horrible. No wonder why I'm going Media instead of Arts. I'm terrible with crafting and fabrics and whatnot, haha. So ashamed. ////

It's the most simple thing, I just cut the butterfly-wings and the bodies out of the fabric and then glued them together, and fastened them to my skirt with pins. In truth I didn't want to have the cutie marks, but I want to be recognized as Fluffi. And yes, I know, the butterflies haven't got their darling antlers - YOLO. YOLOYOLOYOLOYOLO
I'll probably make a post about what I'll be wearing eventually, as in, which skirts, the accessories etc. So, if you're going to this years Desucon in Oslo, I'll be the fluttershy with the ugly-butt cutie marks on her skirt. Cheers! haha. ; w ;

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04.06.2012 kl.20:02

OH MY GOSHHH those are the most charming cutiemarks since


I dieeee sob this is so cute and it doesn't look terrible at all! ; 7 ; aahh so excited to see your finished cosplay babuuu ; w ;


04.06.2012 kl.20:05

I approve this cosplay :D

Also: Dem Cutiemarks ^^


04.06.2012 kl.20:58

Edward: HAHAHA aww man I think they look absolutely wonky hahah. But thank youu babyy, I'm glad you think so! ; A ; <3 aww yess, I'll have to try it on when we're kittysitting Hector.

Halfdan: hahaha, yay! ; w ; hang out with us on desucon yo.

Churi Chan

04.06.2012 kl.23:24

awww... skulle s gjerne sett deg! men skal desverre ikke p desucon i r heller :( hper du legger ut masse bilder i stedet :D:D


05.06.2012 kl.07:45

Churi Chan: Aww, man, s leit! ; A ; fr hpe du fr dratt neste r, da. Skal prve ta masse bilder! ; w ;

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