purse purse purrrse.

I just couldn't do it, friend, I wasn't able to resist H&M and since we quit early at school due to having nothing to do, I... I got my hands on a new, cute skirt and a purse of the kind I've been looking for forever! Ah, I can't wait to wear these two precious things with my new Oxford shoes that I'll get in the mail, oh, within the month sometime.

+ low frilly white socks and oxford shoes, oh my, yes puh-lease.

Currently sitting at home making headshots of my upcoming contest over at deviantArt.Only the Azzare left now, and I'll be starting to prepare for the final contest-journal. Exciting, haha! ; 7 ; <3

(kunne ikke motst et skjrt og en liten veske jeg har siktet meg ut. gleder meg til bruke dem sammen med lave, hvite blondesokker og oxford-skoene jeg har bestilt. <3)

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08.06.2012 kl.13:10

So adorable! *_* ghh love these cloths, and I love the light in the pics ahah


08.06.2012 kl.14:29

Mao: hahah, conveniently placed curtains. Thanks! <3

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