Yesterday my dear girlfriend came over, and we had a blast. As we always do when we make dinner, we made beef and mashed potatoes and it just never fails to please my tastebuds, haha. So good! ; w ;

I wore my new skirt for her, along with stockings she gave me as a gift from America last summer, and a matching bow and blouse.

She who holds my heart. <3

We only had eachother for one night, or two days, but next week she might just visit my school before we leave for Oslo, Friday. She's getting her cat, Hector, you see, and we're to kittensit the little darling and I'm looking forward to it, so much! And, unless I get the ''pleasure'' of joining in on the oral exams, I'm going to watch her and Tora being models for a collection on Wednesday. Going to be fun fun fun! ; w ;

What have you been up to, friend?

(kjrestepus kom p lrdag og som alltid laget vi biff med potetmos. hadde p det nye skjrtet, og neste uke skal jeg kanskje p visning for Esmod, hvor kjresten og en venninne, Tora, skal st modell. Krysser fingrene for at jeg ikke kommer opp i muntlig eksamen, haha.)

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Trine Slind Blsberg

10.06.2012 kl.20:39

s pen blogg


10.06.2012 kl.21:20

Trine Slind Blsberg: Takk! uwu

Churi Chan

11.06.2012 kl.08:53

very cute outfit :D


11.06.2012 kl.11:32

Churi Chan: Thank youuu! <3


11.06.2012 kl.15:25

Eeep, fr Ed vre modell? So lucky *_* ! Anyways, that sounds so much fun 'n you look beautiful, guys, ahah :)


11.06.2012 kl.16:28

Mao: Jaa! ; w ; for en lolita-inspirert kolleksjon, atptil. Haaahha, tusen takk. <3

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