The contest I'm hosting over at dA has begun, Desucon is coming up and I'm all set with my Fluttershy-cosplay. I've also started watching the walking dead - I'm at season 2, episode 9 right now and it is bone-shivering and gut-thrilling. So good, and so dramatic. And of course I fell for Daryl. My fangirl tendencies has been showing a lot lately. First Loki, then Sandor, then Daryl. It's a thug life, haha. ; A ;

Tested out how I'm doing my makeup for Desucon, as Fluttershy. I also managed to let my grey pair of circle lenses dry out - curse me, haha. I'll probably be buying some new ones soon, and I've been wondering if I should get a green or hazel pair. Hmmhh. Also, schools out on friday, and right after school I'll be going directly to Oslo for a J-Fashion meetup. Then Saturday and Sunday will be spent conning, and then, well, I'll probably stay in Oslo for a while, so I might just not be able to blog about it all before.... a while after, haha. ; w ;

Have you ever been to a con, friend?

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21.06.2012 kl.15:15

Oh God, I`ve been too lazy just stalking and not commenting.. Forgive me.. ; A ;

I`m looking forward to stalking people with you at Desucon again Mrell qwq And, the walking dead is truly awesome and Daryl too indeed. I`m quite a fangirl myself to tell the truth xD I`ve been a fangirl of Loki since I was a kid, but it has gotten worse lately |:

And you look so adorable I just... awh ; w ; I`m really looking forward to see you and Edward in your cosplays, adsaftyuasjk qwq ~


21.06.2012 kl.15:52

YOU ARE SO CUTE AW. Hurry up and post pictures of the cosplay!


21.06.2012 kl.17:07

Tora: hahaha I forgive every sin ok <3 Daryl is such a BAMF. Never thought I'd like a redneck this much, haha, jk. And oh girl will there be stalking. Lots of stalking. And thank youu, I'm looking forward to seeing your costume aswell! ; A ;

Maja: Aww, I'm sorry, I don't have the wig I'll be wearing at home, so I don't think there will be any pictures beforehand, haha. ; A ; but thank you so much! <3


22.06.2012 kl.19:44

Blahhff so effin adorable :') love the porcelain skin~

And ohh the walking dead is amazing! I watch it all the time, as it runs on tv and shit. It is rly creepy. ;D


23.06.2012 kl.19:41

,....hazel! hazel! hazel! hazel!


26.06.2012 kl.20:15

Mao: Thanksss! ; w ; haha, cheating with daylight. And yeah, its so great! ; A ;

Lavinia: ??? wait wat

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