DESUCON 2012 part 2 - The Event

And here are the pictures from Desucon itself! Ah, I had such a great time, I met so many cool people, and me and my girlfriend did some hanging around with the people from the meetup, too. There were so many great and nicecosplayers and I'm definitely going back there. But first - Coscon this fall, where me and my girlfriend are probably going to twin in Lolita. But lets move on to the pictures, haha. ; w ; Me and my girlfriend were cosplaying Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie from My little pony: Friendship is magic. Fun fun fun!

Day one and day two. Man, I look a bit displeased at the second picture, oopsss.

Viserys Targaryen and meeee oh gosh oh lord I was squealing all day because of this great cosplayer. ; A ; so good. So pretty.

Daenerys Targaryen! So pretty.

Heidi and Lotti (bonnibells@blogspot) cosplaying from Durrarararuarauruaraar.

Sylvia as LOKIII. ; w ;

Tha gang, haha. Oda getting censored by Susann, Julie/Teto, Theodora, Stian and my girlfriend. Such a fun gang! ;w ;

Ahh, man, I'm actually missing it, haha. ; A ; Can't wait to go there again. I also med Runa, Tora, Mona, Lena, other Tora and several other supersweet people! Awwwdaww.

What do you think of our cosplays, friends? ; w ; haha.

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28.06.2012 kl.17:23

OMG that looks so awesome :D

+ I just love yours and Ed's outfit ~ Soooo pretty!


29.06.2012 kl.15:26

Mao: It was suuuper cool. ; A ; I sort of miss it, ahaha. And thank you! ; w ;

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