at the cabbin.

I am now at my cabbin with my girlfriend and my parents! We arrived yesterday (and so did the skirts me and my girlfriend ordered from Innocent World!) and everything is quite nice and dandy. I'm usually not exited for going to my cabbin, but now that my girlfriend (who's lying in our bed being all fat and all (kidding, she said that)) is here, everything is alright, haha. And we brought Ghost, to! Cutest little furball.

Our breakfast today - buns with cream and freshly picked wild strawberries. Sooo good.

The beach certainly isn't of Gran Canaria-quality, but it's very cozy! Especially with all the baby-crabs and all.

I'm just hoping the weather will get proper good and that I haven't brought my bikinis in vain, haha! Oh well. So, how are you doing, friends? Enjoying your holiday? ; w ;

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