januar 2012

Inspiration six.

Alice in Wonderland

Photograph: Marte Tnnesen.Model: Me, Mariell Nielsen. Martes pictures for an assignment we had at our school, The Alice in Wonderland-shot, hoho. ; o ;

Sickness of my mind

Being sick has never been this boring, friend. I've catched the cold and I'm just sitting here in my room being pretty bored out of my mind. Portal, Portal 2, World of Warcraft, Minecraft - nothing...


Greetings, friend! I spent my weekend with my darling baby Edward Moe; We went for a bit of shopping before we watched The Darkest Hour at the cinema. It was nice, real nice, and I'll be posting wh...

Inspiration five.

wearing the circle lenses.

School ended early today, even though we were actually doing something today; still life photography. The teacher bought lots of fruit we got to eat afterwards, and it was so tasty haha. ; o ; it w...

cats rats.

Not wearing a blouse beneath my dress? Presposterous! How could I do such a thing? What did the world do wrong to see such a sight what is going on, friends. Haha. So basically school is going on, ...

them circle lenses.

Ohmygoshdarn oh friend of mine; guess what arrived in the mailbox! Oh. Uhm, no, not the oreo-cakes me and my darling Edward ate during the weekend. But my lovely first pairs of circle lenses! And E...

Goldfish Salvation

These are actually 3 dimensional artworks, painted layer by layer by the artist Riusuke Fukahorito give it this life-like effect. He uses acrylic on clear resin, pouring it into different container...

Inspiration four

just like a butterfly.

What I bought on Saturday when I was out shopping with my baby Edward; Two adorable pairs of socks, aswell as a super-cute little hat; last time I wore those was in ninth grade, haha. Some ears...

wigs and snow.

Hello, chaps. This weekend I finally visited my baby again and the first thing we did as we got inside was to put all my hair inside a wig-cap and place some wigs upon my head. Because, you know, ...


Hello, friend. Today we started a new project a school; We're supposed to make a portrait of ourselves using sound, pictures and music. This is going to get interesting. This evening I'll be travel...

Inspiration three

hit by the new year

literally. I entered the year of 2012 by getting hit by the fireworks. Everything was going nice and dandy and as always I was feelinga bit nervous because of all the noises. We had a huge multisho...


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