februar 2012

Inspiration seven

Song of Imaginary Beings

i'll pick some daisies

I'll pick some daisies from the flower bed of the galaxy theater, while you clear your head. I thought some daisies might cheer you up.

smores and toast.

During the course of the last days, I, the gangsterduck:Have spent my days with my darling girlfriend the Earthworm Edward:And we're had a joyous time! Yesterday, meaning Friday, we went to Hlen t...

The Devil's Carnival

I'll be honest; At first I was not impressed at all. Watching Emilie Autumn walk about for 12 minutes didn't really enchant me and the description of what is to come didn't quite amuse me. And then...

work work work

Oh gosh, getting some rest after waking up 6 in the morning to pack screws all day long at work feels so good. I've been working to earn some money for 2 days now, which, well, honestly isn't all t...


Hearts and Hooves day

I was so tired and eager to watch Sherlock yesterday, that I totally forgot to blog about my valentines day! My Valentine and girlfriend, Edward, paid me a visit in Ski and ohh it was so lovely, fr...

butterflies and ribbons.

Hello, dear friends. No, really, hello! I thought it was time to maybe, perhaps consider getting started on my blog again. You know, kicking my own butt into actually posting something. The problem...


Hello, friend. I'm bad at blogging, no problem. quite. Nowadays I'm just waiting for valentines day because, of course, I'll be spending it with my girlfriend. And, uhn, yes. Nothing much is happ...

the dress.

Oh friend oh gosh it's here and it's perfect and fits me just perfectly oh gosh.


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